Sustainability & Accreditation

At Aquarius Energy, we recognize the critical importance of sustainable practices in the energy industry. We are committed to conducting safe, reliable, and responsible operations, ensuring the health and safety of our employees and the environment, and contributing to the communities in which we operate.

Our terminals have integrated management systems and are approved according to various industry-related accreditations ensuring global best- practices.

Aquarius Energy applies global standards and strategically manages its portfolio, driving day-to-day operations and fostering business development within our global network.

Our Values Purpose and Strategy
Our Values Purpose and Strategy

Health and Safety of People and the Environment

The well-being of our people and the preservation of the environment are paramount to us. We prioritize stringent health, safety, and environmental standards across all our operations. By fostering a safety culture, implementing robust risk management protocols, and employing sustainability practices, we strive to minimize our impact and create a better world.

Corporate Social Responsibility / Communities

At Aquarius Energy, we believe in giving back to the communities that support us. Through our sustainability initiatives, we actively engage in projects and partnerships that foster sustainable development and social well-being, a positive and lasting impact on society.

Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and compliance are integral to our corporate philosophy. We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all operations and comply with local and international regulations. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and responsible business conduct ensures that we operate in a manner that upholds the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

Aquarius Energy’s Code of Conduct outlines the principles and standards that guide our actions and behaviours. It serves as a compass for our employees, reinforcing our commitment to professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct.

Raising Concerns

We provide multiple avenues for individuals to raise concerns regarding ethical issues or potential violations of our policies. Whether through phone or online channels, we encourage employees, partners, and stakeholders to voice their concerns confidentially. Whistleblower protection is critical to our commitment to fostering a safe and ethical work environment.